Life – The greatest game ever created, part two

Life – The greatest game ever created, part two

In the previous post, we explored the idea that free will doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this one first, PLEASE read the previous one, otherwise this will make no sense. So let’s cut away some nonsense.

Heaven and hell in the classical sense CANNOT exist. To go to hell, you would have to be capable of making free choice, which we don’t. But, as we discussed earlier, we are not truly in control of our actions, and are on a steady course in life. Everything is a mechanism, so in a sense, fate is a fact. Down to the sub atomic level, everything must follow the laws of physics, right? So I’ll repeat again, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE WILL. Your Ego is based on electrical calculations, impulses and instinct. Therefore, if a “god” created heaven and hell, well that would be pretty unfair! Unless you come across this concept on your life journey, then you’re going to keep on “sinning”.

So, down to logic, any text claiming to be “from God” that speaks of punishment in the afterlife is, quite frankly, a load of bollocks. Unless of course, he’s a complete arsehole. A true “god” would understand that we can’t help it most of the time. This cuts out 99.9% of spiritual texts instantly.

So if the Christian God no longer exists, nor Allah, or Jehova, or Yaweh, then how did it all happen? This is where you really need to pay attention, because the conclusion I draw to will sound pretty crazy without the evidence to back it up. Ready?

It’s a game. A simulation. There is a single consciousness, and everyone of us as an Ego is the same, single thing. Would you like the evidence now, or are you going to close the page and write me off as a complete nutter? If so, that’s fine. It’s not your time to learn. Yet.

The evidence I’m going to put forward is real, scientific evidence and experiments where I will link to various documentaries and reports. As well as presenting this evidence, I will also provide my own interpretation as well as others, and let you do the rest. To use a well known, but very cheesy metaphor, you have a choice of the red pill and the blue pill.

If you’re intrigued enough to bite, then read on in part three.


Life – The greatest game ever created, part one


The nature of reality, in my own personal opinion, is simple.

We are having an experience. There is no such thing as TRUE free will, as every action is really a reaction to a previous stimulus. Our behaviour is based on previous experience, and our beliefs are built up from the moment we leave the womb, coming initially from our treatment from the mother, then the rest of the family, and gradually expands through society and the people that come into contact with us. What may seem like a small action to the adult will be a big event to the child, who has spent just a moment on this earth, and these expriences will gradually fade into the background of our memory, but patterns of behaviour will continue to manifest. Even in the most “evil” of our kind, there is normally an event, or series of events, that trigger a belief of something abnormal being OK. Without excusing the actions of these people, there is a root. If you grew up in a household as a boy, and the father was frequently abusive to the mother, but always kind to you, then as an innocent(ignorant) child, the father would be glorified. He was awesome to you, so she must have deserved it – this awesome guy told you that all women were bitches and weren’t worth the air they breathed, so as a child, he believes it. As he grows up, this belief prevails and is regularly mysoginistic. In early youth, the only environment you understand is this one you are subjected to.

Equally, another boy grew up in a household where mum and dad were both awesome, and loved each other. Dad treated mum like a queen, mum treated dad like a king, and taught you that’s how you treat a woman. So the boy goes off into adulthood with this behavioural pattern and is a gentleman to the opposite sex, and expects that women are all like mum. However, he is unfortunate enough to have a few girlfriends who, through their own life patterns, have a resentment towards men, and treat the boy like a doormat. His beliefs are shattered, and he feels lost. He assumes that noone exists like his mother anymore, and resentment for women ensues.

The list goes on. Brought up in a run down area where a violent, almost tribal mentality ensues, where your parents have a hatred towards the family down the street? You’ll pick up on that too. Did your upper middle class parents see the poorer classes as scum? You will too.

These are short examples amongst a multitude – we all have our stories. Everything is a reaction to something else. Some sense can be pulled out of the madness, however difficult the truth is to swallow. It is incredibly difficult to change belief, because they come from our personal reality that we have went through to this moment. A change in belief is difficult because without solid experience, it’s hard to take anothers word as true.

So, with this lack of free will, how do make make sense of it all? The idea can be disturbing, as it was to me when I first came to this realisation, that I don’t really have control over my life. Even this realisation was the product of an event and reaction. After time though, I realised that this was not something to be feared, but rather welcomed, and comforting. I can now stop, think, and question my behaviour. Am I behaving in this manner because it’s right, or because my beliefs have led me to this conclusion despite fallacy? I can now step out of my beliefs and look at them in a more logical manner. And the most wonderful part is, I can now forgive myself for where I have went wrong in the past. I can also forgive others for discrepancies against myself, because I understand that everyone else is subject to this event-reaction system. It doesn’t mean that the behaviour was correct, it means that they weren’t aware that they were doing wrong. ALWAYS try to understand a persons nature.

The purpose of part one of this post is hopefully to awaken people to this realisation. Even as I type, this is a reaction, I am now aware that my will is pre-destined to some degree, and it has led me here, and your story has led you to this post. if your beliefs are too reinforced, then you will poopoo this off as nonsense. If not, then this will resonate. Realisations like this are what I would refer to as a form of Gnosis, or Enlightenment. You will look at the world in a new light, and other people too. Forgiveness is not such a difficult thing anymore, and as a result, the cycles of vengeance for past discrepancies is ended. I sincerely hope that this idea becomes infectious and spreads. Start viewing people you don’t know as entire universes unto themselves, rather than just background objects outwith your sphere. No, that doesn’t mean greeting everyone you meet in the street with a huge hug, it just means having a little respect despite not knowing them personally. We all like our space, and sometimes we just can’t be bothered talking to new people, it’s nothing personal.

Now that we’ve done a little groundwork, who fancies a trip down the rabbithole with me? Tune into part two, and keep an open mind, as you will be astounded by what you’ll discover.

Promise 😉

Life ain’t as hard as we make it for ourselves

What is our True Will?

It is our ART.

Our art is that insatiable compulsion to create, everyone has one and it will poke and prod at us throughout our entire life to try and encourage us to chase it. Our Will, however, is intercepted on a daily basis.

“Every man and every woman is a star.”

If we are following our truest love then we will not interfere with the Will of others. Most people, though, will not follow our Will because of fear of ridicule or retribution. Other times, they will be influenced by outside factors. For example, we wanted to dance. We would dance in our rooms, unbridled and in a state of sheer delight. We listen to music and can immediately see the dancers. However, mother told you that it was silly to want to dance, and so the daydream dancer sits unhappily at a computer desk for the rest of her life, doing a job she hates. a natural extrovert, she is told to pipe down and know her place in society.

And because she hates it, she does a poor job.

Lets take a look at another, complimentary, example. Another young woman comes from a family of dancers. She is encouraged by their values to take to the stage. Naturally though, she is an introvert, and has a love for mathematics. She would love to have a nice quiet corner, decorated in her own style, in which to work. She is a naturally gifted data analyst, and number crunching brings her great pleasure. The art of numeric logic fascinates her, and she thrills slightly when she notices patterns in daily life. But her mother, a gifted dancer, wants her legacy to carry on and so forces her ideals on the daughter. “How could you want something so mundane? Gather fame and fortune on the stage!” She says. So the daughter takes to the stage, and as she has no love for it, she will not excell in this particular art form, and spends every evening in her mothers production company, her stomach in knots at the thought of being forced into the public eye.

Both these stories compliment each other. We would say, “But someone has to do the job, so like it or lump it, you have to do it anyway.” This is entirely false. Both of these women could be doing each others jobs, and gain much happiness from it.

Another example of Will interference is the influence of the media. Let’s look at how the sexes interact.

Today, a woman is expected to be of meticulous appearance whilst she is young, No, of course you don’t look nice in that big stripy sweater and Ozzy glasses. Back to the tanning salon with you, woman. That’s not to say that if you genuinely enjoy looking in the way put across by the media as acceptable then you shouldn’t do it. But in todays scenario, it can be very difficult to differentiate between Will and suggestion. Anyway, back on topic. This is backed up by the fact that men expect (for the most part) a woman to look perfect at all times. Body hair that occurs naturally? No chance. Disgusting.

On the flipside, men are expected to have a big fat wallet and a nice little nest set up for a wife to move into. Many women will not go near a man unless he’s in a stable job and has a car, whatever his circumstances may be that led him on this path. If he takes care of himself, he’s probably gay. Apparently. Men are also encouraged to be nondescript in appearance, and sad to say, in glancing out of the window, I could not differentiate one from the other on the street.
Oh, and boys, keep those emotions to yourself. You’re only there to be an emotional leaning post for when we’re devastated about not being able to afford those new shoes that the advert told us we need to be acceptable.

I keep going back to the concept of appearance, and whilst it may sound superficial, it is an important topic. Our appearance is a method of self expression, and a way of attracting like minded people. It is our way of showing “here’s the kind of stuff I like”. When Will is uninterrupted by fear of whatever consequence, we will naturally divide in two ways. Some of us are introverted, and will dress in a manner that allows us to pass through society without being noticed. If that’s what you like, then that’s cool. If you are an extrovert, you’ll probably lean towards an extravagant flair, taking influence from what we genuinely love. Like rock music? You’d probably grow your hair long and wear leather jeans if you didn’t think your co-workers would take the piss.

Clothes are fucking clothes and that’s it. Excuse my language, but it annoys me how we can only dress ourselves in the fashion of the day if we want to be taken seriously. If a Japanese kimono flatters you perfectly and makes you feel happy when you’re prancing around the bedroom, wear a Kimono outside. If you want to go shopping in town wearing an outfit fit for your average anime post-apocalyptic hero, then do it! Style is another personal Art, and we are all capable being walking art forms, whatever that may be.

A young woman I know who shall remain nameless never fails to amaze me when I spot her in the street. This girl in particular is a fan of the gothic and the macabre, and I often see her in elaborate period costumes with a sinister twist, with enormous bustle skirts and corsets dripping in cobweb lace. I wouldn’t wear it personally, but I’m always slightly awed by her. Sad to say, the general public have an entirely different perspective on this, and I have seen people sniggering as she walks by.

Does she care?

Does she fuck. Good girl.

It’s ok to think people dress a little strange. I’ve left the public slightly bewildered when I’m out in full form. But that’s ok. Just be nice about it. Don’t be hindered by “what’s in fashion this year,” and unfortunately, even the “alternative scene” has fallen victim to this. I have found myself disgusted in goth clubs by sniggering cliques when someone has came in not wearing the particular branch of gothic style that’s “in” right now. No, rockabilly skull n’ bones style isn’t his thing. He likes floating about in a 18th century tapestry coat, with a big frilly shirt and cuffs. That’s his Art, not yours, and don’t expect him to conform to your ideals.

To get back to the original subject, Will is thwarted on a daily basis, and in fact, we are often quite unaware as to what our “True Will” is.

So how do we identify what the True Will is?

Examine all of your wants. If it’s True, then there is no because. Don’t do it because you want that girl to like you, because there IS a girl out there who will think you are truly wonderful for what you are, but because of interference, you will go for what you feel you SHOULD be looking for. Mother thinks you should have a nice quiet girl who dresses conservatively, so you ignore the happy, bubbly girl with the dreadlocks that makes you light up inside every time you see her.
Mother thinks you should have a nice rich boyfriend that will keep you stable for the rest of your life and give her lots of grandkids, so you ignore the fact you don’t want children and that lovely guy who works in the delicatessen that doesn’t have much money, but thinks you’re the best thing in the entire world, and makes you laugh anytime you go to pick up the grocieries.

Stop limiting yourself because of others values. And parents, let your kids chase their dreams. Even if it doesn’t match what you like, remember that even though you gave birth to them, they are not your property, and are actually a little star all of their own.

I have used partnerships as an example here, but this can be applied to any walk of life.

If you can eliminate because, and do something purely because it brings you great joy, then DO IT. If you love it, you will excell at it. Be it dance, painting, mathematics, writing, cleaning (yes, some people do genuinely enjoy it!) or anything else, you will shine in your Art. And we all have at least one, many with several. If we all did what we truly loved then society would be a wonderful place to be, from the top to the bottom. Don’t do things for material gain either – look for material to further your love. If a big house and two cars is only important because you worry how other people see you, then sod the house.

And to finish, when you follow your Will, the entire universe will get behind you and provide what you need. If you need a particular item to create, such as brushes, a laptop, fabric, educational books etc, then it will come to you, I promise. As soon as you chase your dreams you will be astounded at what doors open up. I fully intend to expand upon this concept in a later entry, but for now, go get ’em.

So go give it a try. Really look at yourself, work out what you truly want, and grab it with both hands.

Fuck Because.

You’re all amazing. ❤


Artwork by The Soul Connection Network.