“Thought provoking quantum experiments reveal that Reality is an illusion…” by Anna LeMind

“Thought provoking quantum experiments reveal that Reality is an illusion…” by Anna LeMind

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PLM solves the worlds problems in a single post…

Imagine for just a moment that one day, there was no such thing as money.


The borders of the world were dropped, and governments ceased to be.


Imagine if all of humanity were to suddenly band together in recognition that we are all the same race.


The idea of money, full time jobs, government, police, tax etc is a false construct, dreamed up by a handful of men millenia ago and kept running to this day, due to basic animalistic desires to be the Alpha of the pack. Or as close as, anyway.


If I ruled the world on this day, I would reach out to the doctors, nurses, builders, sewage workers, farmers etc, the real essential people and ask them for just one year, keep doing what you are doing for just one year. Unpaid.


Everyone, despite a lack of money would be given the ability to have access to what they needed to live… a house, food, medical care and clean water.


In that year, I would ask everyone to really search themselves for what truly fascinates them, be it architecture, human biology, geology, acting, farming, anything. Introvert or extrovert, the only thing I would ask is that you do what you are drawn to. If you want to number crunch in a quiet office on a space research programme, you should be able to do it. If you like building and working with your hands, you should be able to learn all the different techniques used to build, and be able to join in projects just because you enjoy it.


Imagine if a farm owner was able to say “Guys! I’m really short on hands and don’t think I’ll be able to make the food supply for my portion of the town, if I don’t get help we’ll all starve.” And people would go and help the farmer, purely out of concern for our fellow humans wellbeing.


Think of all the wonderful trained nurses out there who love what they do but can’t get to do it because there’s no “paid” openings, and the ironic shortages of nurses on ward because they can’t afford to take them on. Well, imagine if they did it without pay anyway, because they knew that they didn’t need to work to eat or keep a house. They just do it out of the knowledge that there’s sick people who need their help, and they can’t bear the thought of someone dying who could have been saved.


Then there’s the actor, who loves seeing joy on an audiences faces, and loves to make people laugh. They can shout out online, “Hey! I really fancy doing this play, anyone else interested? Is there any tailors out there that can help with costumes? And does anyone have a venue I can use too?” And they get what they need, because the tailors love making beautiful and elaborate garments, and the theatre owners love their beautiful buildings and love seeing them come to life, and don’t need to worry about paying for what they need.


Not something that will bring you fame, fortune, power, sex… these are again, false constructs drawing on the human being’s animalistic instincts, and used to keep us working for THEM. Keep “alpha” status just out of reach so that they will keep slaving till they get it, or not as the case may be. When you take away useless instinct, a human is ready to evolve to the next level.


This is what our journey on this planet has been about, to go past being a mechanical animal and reach true consciousness, after many incarnations finally reaching the current sentient level where we can appreciate love, art, beauty and nature. You started your journey as a single cell. Through death and rebirth, you were a fish, a frog, an insect, a rat, a cat, a dog, a tiger… each time you died, you aspired upwards. The rabbit, in post life limbo, sees the fox that killed him as invincible because the other rabbits are terrified of him. He thinks, to a degree, gosh, wouldn’t life be so simple if I were a fox.


So he chooses to be born as a fox.


The reincarnated fox ends his life in the jaws of a hound, and thinks, gosh, wouldn’t it be great to be a dog, noone could hurt me then!


So he becomes a dog.


The reincarnated dog spends his life in servitude of the human master, eating when he is allowed, following orders. When he dies, he thinks, gosh, wouldn’t it be great to be a human, I get to eat when I want, poop when I want, go outside when I want…


So he comes back as a human.


A shop worker, to be exact, on minimum wage, and pines over a beautiful woman he can never have, because she looks for a rich partner. He slaves his entire life and thinks in his post life limbo, gosh, wouldn’t it be great to be a lawyer or something! I’d have so much money, I can have a beautiful wife.


So he comes back as the son of a rich family who can put him through law school, and ends up with a white picket fence house, a pretty wife, two kids, and a car, and spends most of his time in an office, waiting desperately for 6pm to come so he could go home to a wife that nags him, and kids who perpetually have their hands out for money. And he thinks, gosh, I wish I was a millionaires son or something…..


And on, and on, and on.


Always looking for that something else, always forgetting why they chose that incarnation in the first place. One day, perhaps, you will look at the truly happy, the spiritually enlightened, and think, gosh, I was I was that guy, he’s not bothered by sex, or money, or anything like that! He’s so happy!


And just maybe you will reincarnate into a family who will send you off to join a Buddhist monastery. Or something like that, anyway.


But, if that is the end result, then why can’t we just ask ourselves, why am I seeking all these things?


Animal instinct. The search to climb a social hierarchy, or at least maintain one’s place within it.


Eliminate the search for Alpha status, and a human is down to true curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great, I love it. However, it’s no longer a deciding factor in my life choices. Money and being able to afford cool stuff is great, however, unless you’re into race car driving for fun, the only reason you’re gonna want a ferarri is to impress that girl.


As for sex… wouldn’t it be nice if we just treated it like a fun and enjoyable thing, and weren’t bothered if one man or woman wasn’t interested because there is, as they say, plenty more fish in the sea?


Take away the threat of disease and unwanted pregnancy, and what does it become? I really think we put far too much emphasis on it.


This whole thing sounds nice, huh? But you might be thinking, “Shit, but that would depend on other humans not being assholes!”


Guess what? They’re probably thinking the same goddamn thing about you! How many times have you found yourself grudging or being wary of strangers, just because you didn’t know them? YOU ARE ALL WORRYING ABOUT THE SAME BLOODY THING!


How nice would it be to meet a stranger on the road and see a new friend or acquaintance rather than a potential threat?


No money or otherwise blocks to what you need means that you will not be tempted to use another human to gain these things.


Deny a man nothing, and greed dissappears.


Goodnight, and Namaste.


Life – The greatest game ever created part three

If you read the quote I put on my previous post, then GREAT. You know what’s coming. If not, then please read it.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, as I don’t have much time to write, but here’s some snippets of information I couldn’t not show off. If this sinks in, and you understand the implications of this, then you will never see the world in the same light again. And it’s wonderfully mind blowing.

About a year ago, I stumbled across a youtube video entitled “The double slit experiment.” This has been replicated many, many times by scientists all over the world, and each and every single one of them has been left baffled. The next video may seem geared for kids purely down to the animation, but is excellent in its delivery to the average person (such as myself). It’s roughly 4 minutes long, but PLEASE do watch it –

To summarize, the mere act of observing the experiment was enough to CHANGE PHYSICAL REALITY. You didn’t watch it, did you? Well, now you will 🙂

The conclusions I have drawn from this is that physical reality exists as a sort of quantum soup – everything exists in wave form until it is observed.

Imagine playing a video game, let’s say COD. The viewpoint from the character is in first person, and as you move around the environment, more comes into view. But, where does the stuff go when you turn to look somewhere else? It exists in information form. It’s not really there, but the information is there if you want to access it and bring the enemy base into sight when you move forward.

In the same way, reality shifts when we observe. The wave is collapsed into particle form and solidifies into everything around you. Observations come in the form of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. I cannot reiterate this enough. MERELY OBSERVING IS ENOUGH TO PHYSICALLY ALTER THE FABRIC OF OUR REALITY.

Another experiment that astounded me came from Cornell University, New York, where there was proof (yes, proof) that humans do have some form of precognitive ability –


Simply put, this blew my head off. In summary, the experiment consisted of a series of test subjects being shown a series of images, some erotic, some disturbing, whilst having their brain activity mapped. For each type of image shown, a distinctive pattern appeared on the recievers. What was bizarre was that the brain activity WAS SHOWING UP BEFORE THE SUBJECT SAW THE IMAGE. Unconsciously, at least, the subjects were able to predict the type of image they were about to see seconds before it appeared on screen. Crazy stuff.

I’ll leave it there for now, but in the next post I’ll be presenting more evidence, and then I will explain how a hologram works, and how it ties in with the evidence shown. In the meanwhile, life calls.


Also, read this book if you haven’t already – Michael Talbots Holographic universe

“We all have th…

“We all have the habit of thinking that everything around us is already
a thing existing without my input, without my choice. You have to banish that kind of thinking.Amit Goswami

Instead, you really have to recognize that even the material world around us, the chairs, the tables, the rooms, the carpet, time included, all of these are nothing but possible movements of Consciousness. And I’m choosing, moment to moment, out of those movements, to bring my actual experience into manifestation.

This is the only radical thinking that you need to do. But it
is so radical, it is so difficult, because our tendency is that the world is already out there, independent of my experience. It is not. Quantum physics has been so clear about it. Heisenberg himself, co-discoverer of quantum physics said, “Atoms are not things, they’re only tendencies.”

So instead of thinking of things, you have to think of possibilities.
They’re all possibilities of Consciousness.”

Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D. – Theoretical Quantum Physicist

Life – The greatest game ever created, part two

Life – The greatest game ever created, part two

In the previous post, we explored the idea that free will doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this one first, PLEASE read the previous one, otherwise this will make no sense. So let’s cut away some nonsense.

Heaven and hell in the classical sense CANNOT exist. To go to hell, you would have to be capable of making free choice, which we don’t. But, as we discussed earlier, we are not truly in control of our actions, and are on a steady course in life. Everything is a mechanism, so in a sense, fate is a fact. Down to the sub atomic level, everything must follow the laws of physics, right? So I’ll repeat again, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE WILL. Your Ego is based on electrical calculations, impulses and instinct. Therefore, if a “god” created heaven and hell, well that would be pretty unfair! Unless you come across this concept on your life journey, then you’re going to keep on “sinning”.

So, down to logic, any text claiming to be “from God” that speaks of punishment in the afterlife is, quite frankly, a load of bollocks. Unless of course, he’s a complete arsehole. A true “god” would understand that we can’t help it most of the time. This cuts out 99.9% of spiritual texts instantly.

So if the Christian God no longer exists, nor Allah, or Jehova, or Yaweh, then how did it all happen? This is where you really need to pay attention, because the conclusion I draw to will sound pretty crazy without the evidence to back it up. Ready?

It’s a game. A simulation. There is a single consciousness, and everyone of us as an Ego is the same, single thing. Would you like the evidence now, or are you going to close the page and write me off as a complete nutter? If so, that’s fine. It’s not your time to learn. Yet.

The evidence I’m going to put forward is real, scientific evidence and experiments where I will link to various documentaries and reports. As well as presenting this evidence, I will also provide my own interpretation as well as others, and let you do the rest. To use a well known, but very cheesy metaphor, you have a choice of the red pill and the blue pill.

If you’re intrigued enough to bite, then read on in part three.

Life – The greatest game ever created, part one


The nature of reality, in my own personal opinion, is simple.

We are having an experience. There is no such thing as TRUE free will, as every action is really a reaction to a previous stimulus. Our behaviour is based on previous experience, and our beliefs are built up from the moment we leave the womb, coming initially from our treatment from the mother, then the rest of the family, and gradually expands through society and the people that come into contact with us. What may seem like a small action to the adult will be a big event to the child, who has spent just a moment on this earth, and these expriences will gradually fade into the background of our memory, but patterns of behaviour will continue to manifest. Even in the most “evil” of our kind, there is normally an event, or series of events, that trigger a belief of something abnormal being OK. Without excusing the actions of these people, there is a root. If you grew up in a household as a boy, and the father was frequently abusive to the mother, but always kind to you, then as an innocent(ignorant) child, the father would be glorified. He was awesome to you, so she must have deserved it – this awesome guy told you that all women were bitches and weren’t worth the air they breathed, so as a child, he believes it. As he grows up, this belief prevails and is regularly mysoginistic. In early youth, the only environment you understand is this one you are subjected to.

Equally, another boy grew up in a household where mum and dad were both awesome, and loved each other. Dad treated mum like a queen, mum treated dad like a king, and taught you that’s how you treat a woman. So the boy goes off into adulthood with this behavioural pattern and is a gentleman to the opposite sex, and expects that women are all like mum. However, he is unfortunate enough to have a few girlfriends who, through their own life patterns, have a resentment towards men, and treat the boy like a doormat. His beliefs are shattered, and he feels lost. He assumes that noone exists like his mother anymore, and resentment for women ensues.

The list goes on. Brought up in a run down area where a violent, almost tribal mentality ensues, where your parents have a hatred towards the family down the street? You’ll pick up on that too. Did your upper middle class parents see the poorer classes as scum? You will too.

These are short examples amongst a multitude – we all have our stories. Everything is a reaction to something else. Some sense can be pulled out of the madness, however difficult the truth is to swallow. It is incredibly difficult to change belief, because they come from our personal reality that we have went through to this moment. A change in belief is difficult because without solid experience, it’s hard to take anothers word as true.

So, with this lack of free will, how do make make sense of it all? The idea can be disturbing, as it was to me when I first came to this realisation, that I don’t really have control over my life. Even this realisation was the product of an event and reaction. After time though, I realised that this was not something to be feared, but rather welcomed, and comforting. I can now stop, think, and question my behaviour. Am I behaving in this manner because it’s right, or because my beliefs have led me to this conclusion despite fallacy? I can now step out of my beliefs and look at them in a more logical manner. And the most wonderful part is, I can now forgive myself for where I have went wrong in the past. I can also forgive others for discrepancies against myself, because I understand that everyone else is subject to this event-reaction system. It doesn’t mean that the behaviour was correct, it means that they weren’t aware that they were doing wrong. ALWAYS try to understand a persons nature.

The purpose of part one of this post is hopefully to awaken people to this realisation. Even as I type, this is a reaction, I am now aware that my will is pre-destined to some degree, and it has led me here, and your story has led you to this post. if your beliefs are too reinforced, then you will poopoo this off as nonsense. If not, then this will resonate. Realisations like this are what I would refer to as a form of Gnosis, or Enlightenment. You will look at the world in a new light, and other people too. Forgiveness is not such a difficult thing anymore, and as a result, the cycles of vengeance for past discrepancies is ended. I sincerely hope that this idea becomes infectious and spreads. Start viewing people you don’t know as entire universes unto themselves, rather than just background objects outwith your sphere. No, that doesn’t mean greeting everyone you meet in the street with a huge hug, it just means having a little respect despite not knowing them personally. We all like our space, and sometimes we just can’t be bothered talking to new people, it’s nothing personal.

Now that we’ve done a little groundwork, who fancies a trip down the rabbithole with me? Tune into part two, and keep an open mind, as you will be astounded by what you’ll discover.

Promise 😉